A small piece of paper that made me cry

While we are doing our daily homework for school, after a difficult afternoon with much intensity and after repeating many times “come on, do you homework” it comes that silent moment.

I tell to my 8 years old son”why don’t you are more concetrated in order to finish in time and to have much free time for activities,playing?”

He does not answer. I know that he is trying enough but i also know that every one is different from the other. Every one learns on its own rhytm and way.


I change room and try to show as much understanding as i can because don’t forget that i am a simple human , i am not perfect .I am just a mum who tries and sometimes my patience deserts me.

In the meantime , i watch him and see that he is writing something

Then he comes and gives me e piece of paper. I grab it with curiosity and start crying.

Mixed feeling inside me

On the one hand i feel proud that my son shows a warm attitude and on the other hand i feel guilty that might have pushed him more than i should. Maybe i must avoid situations of intensity?Maybe my child wants to transfer a message to me? Ι make many thoughts in a whole minute and i finally give him a big hug. We are both crying

the best hug in the world


Obviously our childen understand our efforts although they don’t show it all the time. They feel us more than we think

Their hearts are so kind and sweet that they don’t hesitate to express their feelings even in difficult moments in which we as mothers have much need to hear it

This piece of paper is a part of my personal collection for which i will talk to you in future. That helps me to become better and to stay firm

How about you?Have you ever faced with similar situations?Do your children write you notes?


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3 Important Reasons you should go for vacation with your family

After a very difficult year ande much pressure, we fortunatelly managed to enjoy our summer family vacation at the sea.

My son Apostolis was so happy .

Swimming in the  cool sea is the most entertaining way for children to play with instead of sitting at home watching the TV  or playing with mobile electronic games .


We rent a small department next to sea in a very beautiful place that is named Olimpiada and is placed at Chalkidiki -Greece . We went there 2 times ,once in July and anothera in August .The second time the temperature  was too high but we were compasated by the cool sea .

It is difficult to describe how much we neeeded this vacation. The economic situation in a family   is an important thing to take into consideration when planning , but the renewal of our psycology was really amazing in a few days

We came closer between us .Our conversations were more calm, more peaceful with many smiles ,joy in the face ,sense of humour and good mood

Apostolis has a very good time playing with his dad .

My best moment was when lying in the sun and reading my favourite books

To tell the truth, we ‘ve been here two more times in past and the reason we made again that choise was because there is the perfect combination of mountain and sea here.

The most unforgettable hour was every evening after seven o’clock , when nature was showing us her best colours around


The one thing that matters is not finally the destination or the luxury , but to go Somewhere and having the right mindset and psycology


Here are all the good things we obtained :

  1. Bigger bind metal among the family with reward our smiles
  2. We created the best memories with our child
  3. We filled our’ batteries’ ,whice were close empty and got our mental supplies in order to be more optimist

Let’s hope that next summer will be the same constructive as this one

How was your vacation??You came closer with your family???Happy to hear


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